Safety Flooring

If you are looking for flooring options for places where slip, as well as chemical resistance, are of primary importance then you need to look at safety flooring as one of the choices. There are several advantages of this type of flooring which make it a popular choice.

Reasons to Opt for Safety Flooring

Features of Safety Flooring

These are slip and chemical resistant as well as abrasion-resistant and such features make them ideal for wet as well as greasy environments.

Safety flooring often has non-slip additives which help in improving slip resistance and in addition to it reduce aquaplaning.

Some of the other features include:

  • High-grade fire and indentation resistance
  • Low VOC’s as well as low toxicity
  • Superior thermal insulation
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Better underfoot comfort and added traction
  • Low dust, as well as dirt, pick up
  • Grout free impervious surface

We have a large range to choose from in terms of textures, designs, colours and make cleaning the surface easy as well as provide better noise reduction. Additionally, these are available in decorative, textured as well as the wood look, stone look appearances.

Where this type of flooring can be used?

Such flooring is ideal for busy environments as for instance in food and drink industry comprising of bakeries, beverage factories, cold rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurant walkways, fast food kitchens and storerooms as well as at other places such as supermarkets, changing rooms, deli counters, laboratories and hospitals where maintaining hygiene and slip resistance is of critical importance.

What is Safety Flooring?

Safety Floors have an extra level of grip or traction that will stop people in shoes or barefoot from slipping.

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