Floor Coating

Car Park

We offer anti-slip epoxy flooring alternatives if you are concerned about the safety of your concrete flooring. There are several grades of non-slip additive for your coating, which are tested to Australian Standards, and withstand high temperatures when cured, and has superior stain and UV resistance. It’s an ideal choice for jobs that require a high-performance flooring system with a quick turnaround.

Warehouse & Factory

Improves safety in the workplace. Concrete floor epoxy ensures slip, impact, heat and fire resistance. In addition, high gloss floor coatings can also improve brightness in a work area.

Commercial / Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Let our Epoxy Floors be the solid foundation for your business – create a great first impression to your customers!

As commercial environments are often harsh, you need flooring that can withstand heavy foot traffic, forklifts, acid, chemicals, oil and solvents – to name a few.  From warehouses to manufacturing and kitchens to hospitals, we have coating systems to fit your requirements.

Perth Concrete Resurfacing uses an epoxy system designed for especially the building and civil construction industries.  This seamless and durable product is the perfect solution in commercial environments – it is solvent free, no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), non-flammable and has a high chemical resistance.

A non-slip flooring element can also be incorporated if required – perfect for kitchens, car parks or warehousing.  Our product also has a fast curing time and we are flexible with our working hours, so you can have your business up and running in no time.

Our floors are also easy to clean, hard wearing, non-porous and durable so the perfect solution for both commercial and high-performance industrial floors.  There are a number of colours and finishes available.

Perth Concrete Resurfacing Finishes also specialise in Polyaspartic Coatings.  The use of polyaspartic floor coatings represents an exciting entry into a new coating technology for industrial and commercial coating applications, it bonds easily to nearly any concrete surface, cures within hours, is flexible enough to bridge small cracks. Invest in improving safety in your workplace today!

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