Why You Should Resurface Your Driveway

Replacing your entire driveway can be a long, expensive process. Maybe your driveway is cracked or weathered. Maybe it’s just stained and unsightly. Either way, it’s time to do something about it, but at this stage replacing the entire driveway just isn’t feasible.

If this sounds like your situation the team of professional and experienced contractors at Perth Concrete Resurfacing have the solution. When your driveway has passed its glory days it may be time for some driveway resurfacing. 

By now you’re probably thinking about any cracks and marks on your driveway and asking yourself whether it would really be worth it to fix them. Are they causing enough problems to warrant a driveway resurfacing? There are cars parked there most of the time anyway! Well, they might be fine at the moment but the longer they’re left the worse they will get. Smaller holes and cracks can be patched up without a full resurface but if your driveway has any cracks that are 2mm or more than surface deep you could be in trouble. 

There is also extra risk going into the colder months. Even if surface cracks are filled and patched water will still seep in and when it inevitably freezes during those cold July mornings it will expand and cause the crack to deepen. So, even if you patch up those cracks they will more than likely be back next winter! Utilising our contractors for driveway resurfacing in Perth will give you many more years of life out of your concrete driveway. 

The Process of Driveway Resurfacing 

The process for driveway resurfacing is fairly straightforward. First and foremost, any coatings that are already present on the driveway need to be ground down and removed. Our team will then make sure the driveway is completely clean with no dirt or grime on the surface. Any debris that is present during resurfacing will affect the result. Leaves and sticks can get stuck or cause the surface not to come out smooth. Any dirt will also have a similar effect and can also cause discolouration in the final product. 

Once the driveway is cleaned and coatings have been ground off any cracks or holes will be patched. This is done to create an even layer to apply the resurfacing on top of. When the driveway has been patched up and is reasonably smooth again the driveway resurfacing can begin. For concrete based driveways a concrete-based overlay is sprayed over the top of the driveway and levelled to create a new, smooth surface. Depending on what finish you want to achieve a texture can be applied before the final coat.

Driveway Resurfacing’s Advantages

  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your driveway –  resurfacing will give your driveway a fresh look after years of cracking and fading.
  • Extends the lifespan of your driveway – you can get over thirty years out of a concrete driveway if it is well taken care of. Driveway resurfacing can extend this even longer!
  • Reduces the need or concern for patching – patched cracks only keep for so long. By resurfacing the entire driveway you circumvent the need to keep up with patching. 
  • Saves money and time – letting your driveway deteriorate too much will require a full replacement. Resurfacing consumes a fraction of the time and cost. 

If you’re looking for a driveway resurfacing in Perth then look no further. Perth Concrete Resurfacing is the ultimate solution for old, cracked driveways that need a new life. Driveway resurfacing works best in warmer weather so get in quick before winter starts! If you’ve gotten to the end of this article and you’re still debating whether or not your driveway needs to be resurfaced now is the time! Contact us today with any enquiries or to get a quote. 


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