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Adding stencils to your project allows you to make your boring driveway exciting and with custom stencils, it can let your business identity shine through.

Colours displayed should be used as a guide only for your colour selection. Variations in colour and shading may occur depending on the job conditions, chosen texture and finishing methods.

Pool Stencil

Want to visualise what your chosen colour looks like, Use the Dulux Avista resurfacing visualiser to explore the different colour and stencil patterns options.


Create the look of pavers, cobblestone or brick for a fraction of the price, with a multitude of colour and pattern options that will help create the right look for your home.

8" Quarry Tile
10" Diamond Tile
Rustic Brick
Antique Tile
Ashlar Slate
Basket Weave
Brick Header
Classic Herringbone
Cobble Header
Cobble Rosette
Convict Brick
Edge Brick Header
English Cobble
European Fan
Keystone Header
Large Tile
Large Tile Header
Random Bluestone
Regal Tile
Star Compass

Custom Stencils

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